1. Must be almost getting to the last pages of Dylan Horrocks’ Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen now…

  2. Roger Langridge cover for Rocky & Bullwinkle #2 from IDW.

  4. Two faces in crayon by New Zealand cartoonist George Finey.

  5. New Zealanders admire their ship The HMS New Zealand. Sketch by Trevor Lloyd showing HMS New Zealand in Auckland Harbour. Trevor Lloyd had joined Auckland Weekly News as an illustrator, graphic artist and cartoonist in the early 1900s. This cartoon was published in the Auckland Weekly News in April 1913. (Source: www.hmsnewzealand.com )

  6. Western Illustration by Maurice Bramley from the World’s News 10th December 1955.

  7. John McNamara original art for Paul Temple strips from the London Evening News circa 1960’s -1970’s.

  8. Maurice Bramley cowboy illustrations from the World’s news December 31st 1955.

  9. Neville Colvin Modesty Blaise Daily Comic Strip #5130 Original Art (London Times Mirror, 1981). “Garvin’s Travels” was the 47th Modesty Blaise story, running from 3-81 to 7-81 (strips #5128-5229A). From 1980 New Zealand born cartoonist Colvin drew 1902 Modesty Blaise strips.

  10. New Zealand cartoonist Brodie Mack paints a model in his studio.