1. The Pencil Sword - Toby Morris
    Congratulations! Your party vote is tied for first as the most valuable in New Zealand: http://thewirel.es/1qgUjaf
  2. Marty Emond - LOBOCOP

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  3. timmolloy:

    My artwork for the upcoming album ‘Tales’ by the Peep Tempel. Very happy to be asked and just a bit proud of it! :D

  4. Colin Wilson’s grizzled Judge Dredd

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  5. Stop Kissing My Sister! - New Zealand School Journal illustrations by Dylan Horrocks. Story by Alison Robertson.

  6. laurelelisabeth:

    I’ve been into Dylan Horrocks lately, and if you don’t know his stuff, do yourself a favor and check it out.

  7. Summer Publishing: Thrust Justice

    New Zealand’s hardest working cartoonist Brent Willis teams up with co-writer Clive Townsend for their first Pikitia comics joint THRUST JUSTICE! Brent and Clive’s new jam is a story of hard men up against criminal forces and each other in the pursuit of justice and strong butt muscles. 36 pages of thrusting colour and violent man on man action! Available Oct/Nov 2014. NOT FOR YOUNG FOLK!

  8. jemyoshioka:

    I missed doing a colour palette sketch yesterday, but I think the break did me some good. I’m really pleased with today’s sketch.

    Read more about The National Library’s heritage colour palettes

  10. jemyoshioka:

    Whoops, have been forgetting to upload these here. Here’s 5, 6, and 7 of my Heritage colour palette project, borrowing colour palettes sourced by The National Library of New Zealand from book spines within the collection.

    Read more about the colour palettes

  12. kayla0art:

    My real hair doesn’t look nearly as good, but my head does look too big for my neck IRL too

  13. Ben Stenbeck

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  14. havardglenne:

    Blueberry by Colin Wilson

  15. superbestiario:

    Caricature of Malcolm Evans for Manawatu Standard (New Zealand), January 7, 2011