1. stuartbaileyinfo:

    Leigh Rigozzi at Pulp Tongue

  2. SPX 2014 Debut

    The Fuglies:

    "A pair of genetically enhanced girls go on a rampage of murder and cannabilistic mayhem while being chased by the authorities through a wilderness populated by savage genetic freaks & horrific mutations. "

    Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr as the collective S.C.A.R. have produced some of the most powerful Horror and Sci-fi comics to come out of Australia. Drawing inspiration from the themes and art of 50’s and 60’s genre comics and then taking it up several notches, The Fuglies is the perfect example of Steve and Antoinette’s modern blend of hardcore Horror and Sci-Fi.

    The Fuglies will be available at SPX in September and elsewhere soon after.

    Pick up 104 pages of full colour S.C.A.R. in the Savage Bitch collection available now from Te Pikitia Press Store.

  3. Ben Constantine Album Design for Monster Zoku Onsomb!

  4. KG Murray Australian reprint of American romance comics.

  5. rigozzi:

    From Tharunka, UNSW student magazine, 2012

  6. Australian comic Sky Demons by Norman Clifford

  7. The Kelly Gang Rides published circa 1945

  8. From the Golden age of Australian comics, The Sky Raiders - A Tim Dale Adventure, by Royce Bradford. I’ve found very little info on Royce Bradford but have heard a rumour he may have been a New Zealander?  Would love to hear from anyone that has any biographical info on Bradford.

  9. Pre-order Maralinga Book One - available in September.


  10. Anonymous said: dear boyfriend. i'm really scared that i'm doing it wrong. 'It' being, well, everything. i feel guilty for not loving my parents enough, i feel angry at myself for so often being jealous and selfish, i feel scared that my whole life is like this ridiculous house of cards and that i'm just way toloud and weird and sad and uncertain. its like the older i get the more i realise i don't know anything at all. can you help me believe in something solid so i can hold onto it when i start falling again?



    Advicecomics Columnist: 

  11. Australian edition of Felix the Cat

  12. ryallsfiles:

    Judge Dredd #26 cover by Mark Sexton, an artist we met at the recent Supanova con in Australia.

  13. Australian reprint of American newspaper strips - Hurricane Hawk #117

  14. awyeahcomics:

    Red Skull by Ashley Wood

  15. marcpearson:

    illustration for The Lifted Brow issue #23.
    for a piece called ’The Offender’ by Emily Meller.