1. The Australian Captain Atom #3 by Arthur Maher.

  2. jaseharper:

    This weekend I’ll be at the Milk Shadow Books Booth at Melbourne Armageddon Expo selling and signing copies of Awkwood. Hashtag #MSBArmageddon on the weekend to win a bunch of cool stuff. YOW! #awkwood #milkshadowbooks #armageddonmelbourne

  3. Chris Gooch

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  4. The Panther by Paul Wheelahan #1


  5. Anonymous said: Mr Ray, I'm worried that it will all be too much, that everything I've assembled to become my new year will overwhelm me (again) and I will be left feeling endlessly hopeless. I feel like I don't know how to stay alive, how to keep living. How does one live, happily? x LD



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    Mr. Ray

  6. The Avengers #1 in glorious Australian Newton Comics Colour.

  7. Action Comics #17 - The Lone Avenger by Len lawson

  8. Brick Bradford Adventures #1 - Australian comic reprinting the American Sci-fi newspaper strip.

  9. Bluey and Curley annual collecting strips from The Sun by Alex Gurney

  10. The Phantom Ranger #44 - Frew Comics

  11. Flash Gordon - Australian edition published by Gredown

  12. Adventures of Devil Doone #17

  13. campbellwhyte:

    An illustration I did for Zac Gorman’s Frasier themed zine.

  14. Brick Bradford #5 - Australian edition reprinting Clarence Gray and William Ritt’s American newspaper strips.

  15. Kokey Koala and His Magic Button by Noel Cook