1. Australian cartoonist Peter Foster illustrates Tuffy A Boy Alone, for Buddy #29, published 1981.

  2. marcpearson:

    mr. ray mopping up at the end of simon’s life zone comic.
    doing a terrible job.

  3. marcpearson:

    latest advice comic is up. it’s a mulbert!
    that’s a threepanel preview from a 5page columncomic.
    mulbert is written by becausegoodbye.


  4. Australian cartoonist Peter Foster illustrates cover story Tuffy A Boy Alone, for Buddy #83 published 1982.

  6. penerasespaper:

    the australian federal government is looking at scrapping the minimum wage. i drew a comic for the australian council of trade unions about how wage safety nets formed + what they mean today: http://workinglife.org.au/minimum-wage-story/

  7. nickyminuscomics:

    Quickie I drew last night.

  8. andrewweldon:

    From The Age, 10th July 2014.

  9. marijkagooding:

    Greaser Monkey

  10. slickstringstrummed:

    Today’s Progress : people arriving to a clouded wilderness ( people i havent even named yet)

  11. madscienceistclub:

    Australian comic book from around 1948.

  12. rigozzi:

    Cover for List Comics, 2012

  13. penerasespaper:

    bunch of these old prints left, if u wld like me to send u 1 as a postcard tell me yr address sam@penerasespaper.com austraya only soz

  14. solkana:

    Found another old copy of Cyclone Comics at 2nd hand bookshop yesterday. Gary Chaloner & Ashley Wood. (Taken with instagram)

  15. davidmahlercomics:

    From ‘Food Magik’, 2014