1. 10 Comics you can buy from The Sticky Institute right now.

    A selection of comics currently available from The Sticky Institute, 10 Campbell Arcade, Degraves Subway, Melbourne.

  2. The Adventures of Devil Doone #3 by Hart Amos collecting Devil Doone comics from Man Jnr.

  3. mrbuffalo:

    Tram comic, with the last few panels and crusty copic work done at home

  4. A Rich Tapestry

    (Source: arichtapestry)

  5. rigozzi:

    From Fluid Prejudice, 2014

  6. notglynn:

    Mandy Ord is incredible

  7. Tony Thorne Sketchbook pages

    (Source: thornetony)

  8. hobartgraphicsfestival:


    Tom O’Hern’s BLOOD AND BONE

    Blood and Bone - available now at http:sankessto.com or from intelligent bookstores in Hobart.

    Also - intelligent Frankie’s Empire, and Intelligent AdArt.

  9. Jimmy Smart - written by Paul Nash, drawn by Phil Belbin

  10. mrbuffalo:

    couple of big dudes

  11. benjuers:

    Even though I’ve posted four or five of these interstitial drawings I did for Irene #4, there’s still somewhere between 15 and 1,000 more of them in the actual book, so maybe you should just buy it before it sells out and before Irene #5 comes out, which is soonish, and which you should also buy.

  12. Australian Horror Comics: Phantastique

    Partially funded by the Australian Government if I remember correctly…

  13. A pile of hastily taken photos of a selection of the fine Australian and New Zealand Comics we’ll have at our table B4 this weekend at the almighty Small Press Expo! Sadly a couple our debut books were delayed at the printer but we will have some of our debut gems as well as a small finely curated collection of Australian and New Zealand comics from ourselves and other Australasian publishers.

  14. Tony Thorne Sketchbook pages

    (Source: thornetony)

  15. Dave Follett’s dynamic cover for Australian anthology Oi Oi Oi! #3