1. Les Such (1902 -1963) Mazda Light Globes Advertising Sketches And Outlines, c1950s-1960s. Ink and wash sketches with a sheet of hand-written notes.

  2. Stanley Pitt The Witching Hour #14 page 7 Original Art (DC, 1971)

  3. The September 1st 1940 Issue of Picture News previewed a new ‘All Australian Comic Strip Jim Dexter’, which would be debuting the following week. Below is the first installment of Jim Dexter and a profile of creators, writer Alan Marshall and artist John Elliot. Last image is an story illustration signed Phelan.

  4. The Ledger Award winning Andrew Fulton.

  5. Original Art: Stanley Pitt’s Silver Starr (Source: Heritage Auctions)

  6. benhutchings:

    A celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators at Northcote Town Hall.

    Darebin City Council, in partnership with Squishface Comics Studio, celebrate drawn stories, from art comics to superheroes to manga and everything in between.

    Join us for drawing activities, comics workshops, a comics market, graphic novel lending library, an evolving exhibition wall, and specialist art material retailers.

    Stage events will be hosted by Bernard Caleo and include: 

    • quiz game Batman vs. Batman with authors Prof. Angela Ndalianis and Robyn Annear, 
    • feats of competitive drawing in Draw! Draw Faster! 
    • the Alien Onion (Allen and Unwin) Quiz, and 
    • heartfelt debate in Tintin or Asterix?

    See you there!

    The Third Homecooked Festival, the best Melbourne comics fest I’ve been to.

    (via nonstopive)

  7. Will Donald cartoons from Australian newspaper, The Worker, published 1921.

  8. Kevin Hardacre’s Char Chapman “The Phantom of the East” #1.

  9. Following the death of Bluey and Curley creator Alex Gurney in late 1955, Norman Rice assumed art duties on the newspaper strip. Rice drew the strip for less than a year, before tragically dying in a car accident on New Year’s Eve 1956.

  10. Choclit and His Kid Bruvva Coco #3 by George Needham