1. alternateworldcomics:

    Early aviation hero from the comic strip Skyroads here given his own series in Australia.

    He flew all over the place, but seemed to have a hard time staying in the planes he did the flying in.

  2. Austrakian comic SUZY and PUG drawn by Ian Clark reprinting daily strips from The Courier Mail.

  3. Maurice Bramley cover Battle #48

  4. alternateworldcomics:

    The Adventures of Silver Flash and his Frog-Man

  5. alternateworldcomics:

    Brainmaster & Vixen, 1977

    Gerald Carr

  6. alternateworldcomics:

    Mr. & Mrs. Superman, Australia perhaps around 1982.

    Seems it’s contents are made up of Superman Family # 207.

  7. One of the rarest of the rare: Monster Comic No. 2, published by Syd Miller Publications, Sydney, C.1944.   Tabloid size, featuring work by Australian comic artists including Syd Miller, Len Lawson, Carl Lyon, and Emile Mercier.


  8. John Dixon’s Tim Valour #13.

  9. The Story of Anzac Part One
    I don’t typically post full comics but thought it worth sharing Ray Wenban’s The Story of Anzac as it’s long been out of print and isn’t currently available online.
    The Story of ANZAC was part of an educational curriculum produced by the Schools Publishing House in Sydney, Australia, during the late 1950’s. Each album in the series depicted significant events in Australian history and biographical portraits over 28 pages of comics enclosed in sturdy card covers.
    From the interior cover,

    The Australian Children’s Pictorial Social Studies are the product of years of accumulated teaching experience in Australian schools.
    The series are based on the Social Studies Curriculum of all Australian Education Departments. 

    Some of Australia’s best artists have been commissioned to translate this knowledge.
    Careful attention has been given to the vocabulary used in each book and every effort made to grade the words and pictures to the child’s understanding.

    Each book tells a complete story of some important part of Australia’s history.
    Finally, our overall policy has been to fulfil the general basic aim of Social Studies teaching, namely, “…to increase the child’s understanding of Historical, Geographical, and Social forces that have shaped…Australia.”

    Three series of books were produced from 1958 with the first series consisting of 25 volumes that featured the artwork of Ray Wenban, Arthur Hudson, Montague Wedd, John Bates, Denis Grafton, William Gill, Gwendoline Barr-Rice, and Zdenek Stodulka. Later volumes featured work by cartoonists Peter Chapman and John L. Curtis.

  10. Syd Nicholls Fatty Finn’s Comic Vol 2 No. 9.

  11. Ask Jenny written by Leonie Robbins and drawn by Margaret Goddard featured in Australian magazine The New Idea offering beauty and make up tips for women. This installment appeared 28th March, 1962.

  12. Another Horwitz romance comic with a cover I’d attribute to Maurice Bramley.

  13. A rare example of a colour comic from the golden age of Australian Comics. Art by Hart Amos.

  14. Royce Bradford’s Cole Steele #4