1. Rare footage of Jimmy Bancks sketching Ginger Meggs

  2. Ask Jenny written by Leonie Robbins and drawn by Margaret Goddard featured in Australian magazine The New Idea offering beauty and make up tips for women. This installment appeared 25th April, 1962.

  3. Phil May pencil sketch of famous British politicians: Henry Northcote (1846-1911), 1st Baron of Northcote, 3rd Governor General of Australia; Marquess of Hartington (1883-1908), 8th Duke of Devonshire; William E. Gladstone (1809-1898), British Prime Minister from 1892-1894; Robert Gasgoyne-Cecil (1830-1903), 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, British Prime Minister from 1895-1902; and Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke (1843-1911), 2nd Baronet. Phil May worked for the Bulletin during the latter part of the 19th century.

  4. SALT was published fortnightly during World War Two by the Australian Army Education Service and distributed free to all ranks among all Australian troops in Australian and adjacent territories, and Royal Australian Navy, to inform, entertain and educate service personnel. Published in digest size, initial covers featured text descriptions of interior contents but eventually illustrative covers were employed featuring work from many cartoonists and illustrators of the time. SALT featured work from troops, staff writers and artists in the form of articles, illustrations, stories, poetry and cartoons.

  5. The Many Faces of George Grosz #2 by Keith McDougall is in the last 40 hours of it’s Kickstarter campaign please consider supporting it here. $10 postage included, mailed anywhere in the world.

  6. New Zealand cartoonist Brodie Mack paints a model in his studio.

  7. Stanley Pitt Science Fiction painting. (source: Heritage Auctions.)

  8. Namesake of the Australian Comic Awards, Peter Ledger and Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge: His Life and Times Page 273 Original Art (Celestial Arts, 1981). Airbrushed by Peter Ledger under the direction of Carl Barks. A page from Barks’ story, “Island in the Sky,” has been photocopied onto a sheet of acetate, which sits over Ledger’s beautiful color work.

  10. Stanley Pitt The Witching Hour #14 page 7 Original Art (DC, 1971)