1. The Adventures of Devil Doone #3 by Hart Amos collecting Devil Doone comics from Man Jnr.

  2. mrbuffalo:

    Tram comic, with the last few panels and crusty copic work done at home

  3. notglynn:

    Mandy Ord is incredible

  4. Tony Thorne Sketchbook pages

    (Source: thornetony)

  5. Simon Hanselmann defaces Near Mint Fantagraphics product at SPX 2014

  6. Jimmy Smart - written by Paul Nash, drawn by Phil Belbin

  7. mrbuffalo:

    couple of big dudes

  8. benjuers:

    Even though I’ve posted four or five of these interstitial drawings I did for Irene #4, there’s still somewhere between 15 and 1,000 more of them in the actual book, so maybe you should just buy it before it sells out and before Irene #5 comes out, which is soonish, and which you should also buy.

  9. Tony Thorne Sketchbook pages

    (Source: thornetony)

  10. Dave Follett’s dynamic cover for Australian anthology Oi Oi Oi! #3

  11. davidmahlercomics:

    this is called…um, lines arms. colour lines arms.

  12. benjuers:

    For an article by Hugh Mackay on the Festival of Dangerous Ideas blog.

  13. Zainab Akhtar writes about Pat Grant’s Ambient Yeast.

  14. Ben Constantine Album Design for Monster Zoku Onsomb!

  15. Silver Flash #1 - Virgil Reilly (1892-1974)