1. unseens:

    Ashley Wood - MGS Cyberninja

  2. New Zealand’s hardest working cartoonist Brent Willis 87% match on Celebrity Look-alike.

  3. girlmountain:

    MATT GROENING modelling MEGAHEX at san diego comic con. swoon.

    (via langstable)

  4. Australian cartoonist Norman Clifford war comic ‘Sky Demons’ for Melbourne Southdown Press, circa 1950’s.

  5. gasoline-eyedrops:

    Shared Sketchbook, Mandy Ord & Chris Gooch 2014

  6. Jet Fury #28 by Yaroslav Horak

  8. davidmahlercomics:

    The SPLENDOR SOLIS crowdfunding campaign is down to its final 50 hours!!

    Please spread the word - we’ve collected over half of our ridiculous budget but we still have some ways to go! Every dollar counts, and there are some awesome rewards up for grabs!





    Please spread the word! This film’s gonna be rad, everyone involved is working so hard - did I mention that we’re building the above mountain top complete with geodesic dome in a massive blue warehouse studio?? Whuuut?! Help us reach the goal bb!

    Here’s an interview with FilmInk!


    Here’s the facebook page!


    Artwork by Simon Hanselmann and Sam Wallman still up for grabs, get in quick b4 they gone!! NOTE: The above images are NOT for the campaign, Sam’s is from his amazing book 'Being Born is Goin Blind' and Simon’s was made for Arcana.

  9. Sam Wallman

    (Source: penerasespaper, via katieparrishtime)

  10. slickstringstrummed:

    Something I painted last year, here with the words ” Bulimba Brisbane River Blood Rainers Raining ” that I eventually painted over with clouds but I had the urge to put some hometown affection in from early on. #Brisbane

  11. frankencomics:

    So I’m working on this really cool Monster Zero page but sadly I can’t show you anything more than this one panel. :P

  12. cassiejo:

    beck and frank

  13. The Legend of Tunnel Beach - Mat Tait

  14. colourfantastica:

    ☆ Artists of the Colour Fantastica: ALISHA JADE 

    We’re featuring photo sets showcasing art by the fantastic artists contributing to the Fly the Colour Fantastica: A Comic Anthology! 

    Today we have Alisha Jade from Brisbane, Australia. Alisha’s art is both cute and edgy with lovely textures from working in natural media. This is an active lady pumping out art and comics on a regular basis. Keep up-to-date with her work at: website / tumblr / twitter

    Want to see Alisha’s comic for the Colour FantasticaGive us a hand by checking out our Kickstarter campaign :)