1. strangelykatie:


    Continue reading Princess Princess here! »

    As you know I’ve been working hard on redrawing Princess Princess, and I’m super excited to finally share the finished product with you guys! Check it out if you like your princess romances in full colour.

    I’m currently investigating printing options, so if you’re interested in that please stay tuned!

    I finally finished the thing.

  2. misterjjj:

    I’m happy here. I’m not ready.

    Cliff’s dream from Rocketeer Adventures 2 #2: Work to Do (IDW)
    by Tom Taylor, Colin Wilson and Dave Stewart

  3. (Source: nealeb)

  4. awcomix:

    The finished piece. Homage to a 1950s cover of George Orwell’s book ‘1984’.

  5. gasoline-eyedrops:

    Gasoline Eye Drops pages 38-43, Chris Gooch, 2014

    Click here to read from the beginning.

  6. mkhoddy:

    Cover to AML issue #1

    Debuting this September at Small Press Expo !

    Here’s a little blurb what I wrote about it:

    • Three mecha suit clad warriors (and their VTOL aircraft) defending their city against monsters and mutants. In this issue, a dangerous mutagen is introduced into the citiy population. Can the AML team  stop it in time? Find out in this action packed issue!

    It was inspired (heavily) by the morning television viewing I did as a child. From Robotech to Power Rangers. Teknoman to MASK (and they said cartoons make your brain rot! HAHA! I made a whole comic because of them!).

    Pre-orders to help cover printing costs have started. Grab your copy here:


    Grab a copy of Caitlin’s book while your at it and save on shipping!


    Shipping won’t start until September. Which isn’t that long at all you guys!

  7. liquidnight:

    Ben Templesmith

    The Raven

    Unpublished cover art

    Pencil, ink, and watercolour, 2009

  8. penerasespaper:

    Small drawing for the National Union of Workers, about supermarket giant Woolworths trying to ram through an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement without due process.

    Woolies are offering a maximum 4% pay increase in 1 year, while their CEO’s pay is up 36%, and the company’s profits are up 24.4%.

  9. alternateworldcomics:

    The adventures of the very early (late 30s. early 40s) Snap, Crackle and Pop in Australia. 

  10. alternateworldcomics:

    The wild west Downunder. 

  11. slickstringstrummed:

    be higher than that

  12. guzumo:

    Deadly Robots

  13. (Source: salarymancomics)

  14. marcpearson:

    3 illustrations up on narratively today.
    for a piece called ‘The Ice Cream Man In The Summer Of Sam’ By Maria Smilio.

  15. danemartin:

    Sometimes I draw erotic Simon Hanselmann fan art. This is the tamest one.