1. The Ledger Award winning Andrew Fulton.

  2. Australian anthology Reverie #4 published in 1984.

  3. Must be almost getting to the last pages of Dylan Horrocks’ Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen now…

  4. Toby Morris poster for Arch Hill Recordings 15th Anniversary Show.

  5. British Comics Diversion: Tip Top February 12th, 1949.

  6. Roger Langridge cover for Rocky & Bullwinkle #2 from IDW.

  7. awk-wood:

    Bit of a milestone reached today, I’ve inked the last page of my graphic novel Awkwood.  Still got a bunch of touch ups to do before I hand in to the publisher for final edit and approval, but the biggest hurdle is done.

    Awkwood will be out later this year through Milkshadow books #comic #graphicnovel #Awkwood #milkshadowbooks

    Yes Please

  9. Two faces in crayon by New Zealand cartoonist George Finey.

  10. Unnumbered Australian edition of Buck Rogers, published by Consolidated Press.