1. royalboiler:

     Simon Hanselmann is the best. Serious dudes Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle and Simon are on their Cute boy Alert tour — This is from the Locust moon stop. where (and in response to) this happening recently.  

  2. awcomix:

    Draw for fun!

    Series of drawings from 2012, part 5

  3. mrbuffalo:

    My buddy Tess, aka Criminale aka Punter, is making a magazine inspired by a rather large and colourful facebook thread, that we share with our friends. It’s a bizarre and wonderful thing. I made this comic for it, after we all discovered faxes have serious power. There’ll be upcoming info on the publication HERE. Get your FAXE on!

  4. jellibat:

    you can now buy copies of my art zine Halloweenies: drawings of kids in costumes, from my etsy shop , just head over here

  5. awcomix:

    Inking Inspiration

    I have recently been working on my inking technique and I have been digging these artists (in order of appearance),

    1. Dylan Horrocks
    2. Dustin Harbin
    3. Gabrielle Bell
    4. Laura Park
  6. benjuers:

    hahahahahahahaha heaps good Mulbert fan art by Merv Heers, who just finished putting together the new No Brains. I looove the gravestones on the antlers.

  7. mrbuffalo:

    Gotta do some real drawings soon.

    This is real.

  8. caitlindmajor:

    Easily the prettiest scientist of the lot, and just so wonderful, Brian Cox!

    Famous scientist trading cards available at SDCC

  9. nickyminuscomics:

    Tomorrow! 6pm, green room lounge in Enmore. Come bury your face in my comics and dance to bands with me! Or else buy it now on my bigcartel! 40 pages of new comics on thick, fancy paper and lots of dirty secrets. :-)

  10. failed-mad-scientist:

    Hellboy - Ben Stenbeck

  11. mrbuffalo:

    Tram comic, with the last few panels and crusty copic work done at home

  12. rigozzi:

    Apartment block, ink on paper, 2011

  13. nealeb:


  14. A Rich Tapestry

    (Source: arichtapestry)

  15. mkhoddy:

    Original water colours for sale. Featuring all the classic favourites from hit shows in the 80s & 90s such as:


    Gonna be rocking these at SPX [table b1-4]! Couple already sold but the rest are STILL VERY MUCH AVAILABLE.

    All for the low low price of $30 (USD, CAD OR AUD whatevs).

    Or hit me up and I can do a new original piece JUST FOR YOU.

    Should retumblr things when they are relevant but hey gosh I’m sure you can still get these.