1. andrewweldon:

    From The Age, 15th July 2014.

  3. fy-socialjustice:

    by Alan Moir, 28 June 2014

  4. penerasespaper:

    the australian federal government is looking at scrapping the minimum wage. i drew a comic for the australian council of trade unions about how wage safety nets formed + what they mean today: http://workinglife.org.au/minimum-wage-story/

  5. infinity-comics:

    LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 2 by Ben Templesmith

  6. nickyminuscomics:

    Quickie I drew last night.

  7. domesticanimal:

    A strong earthquake struck Wellington, NZ’s capital city. The advice in the event of earthquakes (to which we are prone) is to duck, cover and hold. Maybe they didn’t mean this kind of ducK?

    Sharon Murdoch

  8. andrewweldon:

    From The Age, 10th July 2014.

  9. mkhoddy:



    A page from See You Now by Matt Hoddy and I, with amazing colours by Caitlyn Major.

    Full comic available in Ironstyle 2, available at Oz Comic Con in Adelaide this year.

    Some colouring I did for a short comic with Ben Rosenthal and Matt Hoddy.

    Here’s something I missed! Noticed it today and realised I’d forgotten to re-post it. Coloured page by Caitlin from the Ashcan story that Ben wrote and I drew. Original was B&W.

    Colours just made it seem alive.

  10. marijkagooding:

    Greaser Monkey

  11. slickstringstrummed:

    Today’s Progress : people arriving to a clouded wilderness ( people i havent even named yet)

  12. madscienceistclub:

    Australian comic book from around 1948.

  13. Toby Morris

    (Source: xtotl)

  14. rigozzi:

    Cover for List Comics, 2012

  15. penerasespaper:

    bunch of these old prints left, if u wld like me to send u 1 as a postcard tell me yr address sam@penerasespaper.com austraya only soz