1. wondersaremany:

    Gonad Man
    Mark Sutherland, 2009. Reprinted in Blue, Pat Grant, 2012. Top Shelf Productions.

    Read Gonad Man here.

  2. Simon Hanselmann defaces Near Mint Fantagraphics product at SPX 2014

  3. Jimmy Smart - written by Paul Nash, drawn by Phil Belbin

  4. mrbuffalo:

    couple of big dudes


  5. guro-ari said: Thank you for following my blog! I love your blog and please don't stop posting!

    thank you!

  6. benjuers:

    Even though I’ve posted four or five of these interstitial drawings I did for Irene #4, there’s still somewhere between 15 and 1,000 more of them in the actual book, so maybe you should just buy it before it sells out and before Irene #5 comes out, which is soonish, and which you should also buy.

  7. The Pencil Sword - Toby Morris
    Congratulations! Your party vote is tied for first as the most valuable in New Zealand: http://thewirel.es/1qgUjaf
  8. comicblah:

    Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #1 variant cover by Roger Langridge

  9. Australian Horror Comics: Phantastique

    Partially funded by the Australian Government if I remember correctly…

  10. salarymancomics:


    Starring Katie Parrish, Michael P Fikaris, Rocío Landa, Michael W Hawkins, Ben Juers, Keegan Costley, Nicky Minus, Ken Johnson Charlotte Hague & Merv Heers ! 32 PAGES plus an INDIVIDUAL HANDPAINTED COVER ! Supplies are limited ! message me or email mervdoesposters@gmail.com !

  11. nickyminuscomics:

    Hey! I’ve got 4 copies left ever of JERKS so if anybody wants to nab one email me at nickyminus@hotmail.com.

    Otherwise, you can still get my new comic PLEASURE here. Somebody told me before that they made their co-worker read it and then it opened up the person to divulge tonnes of private life info about how sexually frustrated they are and how they’re gonna try and do something about it. So maybe it can help other people too?? I dunno, read it and see? :-)

  12. milkshadowbooks:

    Awkwood Launch - success!! Everyone and their dog came. You can grab the book on the MSB website - http://www.milkshadowbooks.com/products/awkwood/

  13. chris-gooch:


    Gasoline Eyedrops show at First Site - middle room, collaborative sketchbook work by Mandy Ord and Chris Gooch (available in free Zine also) and comic prints by Mandy Ord. 
    Photos by Alan Weedon

    Last section

  14. espanolbot:

    Baltimore: It can get kind of nuts.

  15. hicandhoc:

    Lumpen No. 7 by Pat Grant.