1. frankencomics:

    So I’m working on this really cool Monster Zero page but sadly I can’t show you anything more than this one panel. :P

  2. cassiejo:

    beck and frank

  3. The Legend of Tunnel Beach - Mat Tait

  4. colourfantastica:

    ☆ Artists of the Colour Fantastica: ALISHA JADE 

    We’re featuring photo sets showcasing art by the fantastic artists contributing to the Fly the Colour Fantastica: A Comic Anthology! 

    Today we have Alisha Jade from Brisbane, Australia. Alisha’s art is both cute and edgy with lovely textures from working in natural media. This is an active lady pumping out art and comics on a regular basis. Keep up-to-date with her work at: website / tumblr / twitter

    Want to see Alisha’s comic for the Colour FantasticaGive us a hand by checking out our Kickstarter campaign :)

  6. gasoline-eyedrops:

    Gasoline Eye Drops pages 17-23, Chris Gooch, 2014

    Click here to read from the beginning.

  7. slickstringstrummed:

    Today’s Tinker. Best get a bandage then… #yup

  8. Australian cartoonist Peter Foster illustrates Tuffy A Boy Alone, for Buddy #29, published 1981.

  9. Conrad Freiboe illustrated journal for Maori Education.

    Conrad Freiboe Conquest illustrations.

  10. milkshadowbooks:

    The original art from @jaseharper’s magical Awkwood centre splash… #comics #splashpages #austaliancomics #jaseharper #jaseharperart #milkshadowbooks #msb #soon

  11. medicated:

    Came home and found
    No Map, But Not Lost from Bobby N.
    Handball Heaven by Ben hutchings
    In my Postbox! Thank you @milkshadowbooks for the fast shipping!

    #comics #comicbooks #bobbyn #benhutchings #australiancomics #milkshadow #milkshadowbooks #handballheaven #nomapbutnotlost

  12. squishfacestudio:

    Close-up of the new cover design for book 1 of the ‘you stink and I don’t’ collection. #youstinkandidont #milkshadowbooks

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  14. marcpearson:

    mr. ray mopping up at the end of simon’s life zone comic.
    doing a terrible job.

  15. marcpearson:

    latest advice comic is up. it’s a mulbert!
    that’s a threepanel preview from a 5page columncomic.
    mulbert is written by becausegoodbye.