1. (Source: xtotl)

  2. Article illustrations from Man Junior by Phil Belbin.

  3. British Comics Diversion: Tiny Tots No. 934

  4. (Source: salarymancomics)

  5. Painted wartime advertising from the Australian Woman’s Weekly.

  6. timmolloy:

    I did some work for State Of Mind, a drum and bass duo from NZ. As part of their promotional campaign for their new album, I got to create an image for a series of billboards!


  7. Anonymous asked: tuna panini, do you ever worry about bacteria? like, I heard scientists have developed a light that shows up that stuff when they shine it on a surface and apparently bacteria is actually all over pretty much everything. Is it just me or is the world fucking disgusting?




    Advicecomics Columnist: Tuna Panini.

    Sound Advice

  8. John Dixon Duo: The Crimson Comet #21 and the Adventures of Biggles #60 by John Dixon.

  9. Kath King in “Spy Way” written by Sydney Ockenden and drawn by Phil Belbin for Cavalcade January 1952.

  10. The Ledger Award winning Andrew Fulton.