1. alternateworldcomics:

    The wild west Downunder. 

  2. slickstringstrummed:

    be higher than that

  3. guzumo:

    Deadly Robots

  4. (Source: salarymancomics)

  5. marcpearson:

    3 illustrations up on narratively today.
    for a piece called ‘The Ice Cream Man In The Summer Of Sam’ By Maria Smilio.

  6. danemartin:

    Sometimes I draw erotic Simon Hanselmann fan art. This is the tamest one.

  7. timmolloy:

    One of the last few pages I’m working on for “Mr Unpronounceable And The Sect Of The Bleeding Eye.’ Uncle Stan meets a representative body from the Mandrill Philosophers who usually reside in the Great Library on the dark side of the Moon.


  8. brendanhalyday:

    Dale did this write up on clubhouse comics no. 2, which is launching this weekend at Supanova Sydney. Come check it out and grab a copy at the Monster Comics/Getzombified.com.au table in the Artists Alley. Table N3.



    Monster Comics is releasing ‘Clubhouse Comics 2’ at…

  9. stuartbaileyinfo:

    Leigh Rigozzi at Pulp Tongue

  10. spacepyrates:

    New books from the creators of Space Pyrates! The first issues of AML and Peach Plum Pear will be debuting at SPX 2014! You can pick up your copy directly from us at SPX, or if you can’t make it to the show you can pre-order a copy from the Space Pyrates store! If you order both books at once you’re saving some money and you’ll get some awesome little treats as well.

  11. Summer Publishing: Thrust Justice

    New Zealand’s hardest working cartoonist Brent Willis teams up with co-writer Clive Townsend for their first Pikitia comics joint THRUST JUSTICE! Brent and Clive’s new jam is a story of hard men up against criminal forces and each other in the pursuit of justice and strong butt muscles. 36 pages of thrusting colour and violent man on man action! Available Oct/Nov 2014. NOT FOR YOUNG FOLK!

  12. SPX Debut: Moonbeard Volume One by James Squires

    Pikitia Press are proud to present James Squires’ MOONBEARD Volume One, the first of our SPX debut books. MOONBEARD Volume One  launches at SPX in mid September and will be available elsewhere immediately after. This handsome volume collects 120 pages of James’s extremely popular and terrifyingly hilarious webcomic Moonbeard along with exclusive new comics. A tight package of unexpected humour and wit-filled absurdity, Moonbeard brings good cheer for everyone!

    Get a taste, just a little taste with Snasnakes, the first Moonbeard sampler comic available now in Te Pikitia Store.

  13. davidmahlercomics:

    Self poortraits.Hey just updated my storenvy too btw.

    Hope yur well everyone

  14. rigozzi:

    From Pubs of the Inner West (2011)

  15. caitlindmajor:

    This is the new comic I’ll be debuting at SPX 2014! The first issue of an ongoing series about a magical girl named Milly. You can pick up a copy at SPX or if you can’t make it to the show, you can pre-order a copy from the Space Pyrates store! Pre-orders will be shipped out after SPX. And you save on shipping if you pre-order Matt’s new book AML at the same time!