1. gasoline-eyedrops:

    Gasoline Eye Drops pages 17-23, Chris Gooch, 2014

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  2. thornetony:

    A still from a recent animation project.

  3. Ben Stenbeck

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  4. toothbreaker:

    Teach Me - Karl Wills


  5. The Sharing Corner #1



    Sharing is caring and I love you guys. So to start off this small and freshly new random segment, I’d like to bring forth the work of Karl Wills, NZ Illustrator and Storyboard/Comic Book Artist. His style is great and very nostalgic of old school comics and I’m privileged to be learning from him for the next two weeks.

    Check him out! Facebook | Blog | Website

  6. Merv Heers

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  7. penerasespaper:

    new comic for uts’ vertigo magazine

  8. awyeahcomics:

    Red Skull by Ashley Wood

  9. xtotl:

    Finally have some of my old screenprints available in Auckland - now at the excellent Endemic World pop-up shop on Ponsonby Rd. Lots of great stuff in there, have a look.

  10. havardglenne:

    Blueberry by Colin Wilson

  11. nealeb:

    I was young. I could not spell chicken. NOTE: not complete…..

  12. thezerolevel:

    The Punchline: Ginger Meggs

    The Punchline heads overseas to check out a comic strip from Australia!

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  13. eddiemonotone:

    Interesting comics people who do interesting comics having an interesting talk about their own work and the state of the general NZ comic field.

    (Also, Robyn says some nice things about Sloths and Trolleys, but I promise I’m not just linking because of that)

  14. superbestiario:

    Caricature of Malcolm Evans for Manawatu Standard (New Zealand), January 7, 2011

  15. marcpearson:

    illustration for The Lifted Brow issue #23.
    for a piece called ’The Offender’ by Emily Meller.